Monday, February 14, 2011

Himalayan Chew Attempt 2

So I previously reviewed Himalayan Chew here:

I would like to ammend this review. So we tried Himalayan chews again tonight and Phoenix decided shewas interested. The chew lasted her about 30 minutes (she got a medium sized chew) which isn't too bad. Problem is she did not want to eat it, she just enjoyed chewing it into teeny tiny crumbly peices. so now I am left with a pile of crumbs on her blanket that I need to clean up.

I will definitely not be buying these again. They weren't terrible but I just feel like there are better options out there.

Super Cow Cheek

Yesterday we tried some Super Cow Cheek. Super Cow Cheeks are exactly what they sound like. First of foremost these chews are huge. They are about 10"-14" long and 3"-5" wide. Phoenix is the only one to have tried the cheek thus far but she enjoyed this some much I thought it would be worth reviewing now.

First, Phoenix flung this around for a bit. She had a grand time tossing it in the air, pouncing on it then grabbing and shaking it. When she finally decide it was time to settle down and chew it, she treated it like a piece of prey. Ripping, tearing and shaking peices off as she went. This went on for about 20 minutes before she started chewing this like a normal chew. She had a blast and really enjoyed the cheek. It was something new and different for her, and she certainly found it exciting. In total it took her about an hour to finish the entire cheek.

Overall, I think this is a great product. I am really excited to try it with Moose and Lola. It may be a bit big for Moose, so it's possible he won't be interested. Super Cow Cheeks are bit on the expensive side at $4 per chew, but they are definitely worth the extra cost.They lasted a good amount of time, they are high quality, didn't upset Phee's stomach, she was tired when she was finished chewing, and she really, really enjoyed working on this. I will most certainly be adding Super Cow Cheeks to my regular order.

Merrick's Little Italy Wet dog food

I have always been a fan of Merrick's Wet Dog food. Dog generally take to it well and usually does not upset their stomachs. Tonight we decided to try Merrick's new Little Italy dog food. Each dog got a little of the "juice" over their food and they really loved it. Lola, who can be kind of picky, wait for some scraps of chicken before diving in but ultimately really seemed to like it. The best part about this is the meatballs which make perfect pill pockets!!! The meatballs are soft enough to push the pills in and tasty enough to cover the taste of the pill. Phoenix is on Doxy for Lymes and she is good at spitting out her pills. She scarfed the meatball, no questions asked.

The other product that works great as pill pockets are Blue Buffalo's Blue Bites Savory Salmon Treats. These are great tasty but soft enough to smoosh together.. All I do it take one square treat lay it flat, lay the pills on top, then cover it with another treat like a pill sandwich. Squeeze the edges together and ta da there you have a taste salmon pill pocket.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuffed Aortas

Stuffed aortas, are cow aortas stuffed with bits of beef tendon. They are, on average, the same circumference as a nickel and are about 6"-10" long.

These have been a huge hit around here. All the dogs, including the finicky old man love them. A large one take Lola about 35 minutes to finish, while Moose take around 2 hours to finish a small one. When I get these out and they get a whiff of what I have, they run straight to their chewing spots. They do have a bit of an odor but it is not very strong at all which is a big perk. None of the dogs have gotten diarrhea from these either! Stuffed aorats will definitely be a staple in this house ffrom here on out.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Himalayan Chew

Tonight chew of choice was the Himalayan Dog Chew. This chew is bascially a hard block of yak and cow's milk. At over $7 a pop, I saw a bit skeptical of the value. So I decided to try it for myself. Here are my staff's reviews:

Moose had no interest whatsoever. He pushed it away with his nose and wanted nothing to do with it.

Phoenix found it to be quite the enjoyable toy. She had a grand old time throwing it in the air and play bowing at it. She tried chewing it once but decided it was more fun to fling. I think it was too hard for her liking.

Lola loved it. She really got into chewing it at first. After a little while she started getting more easily distracted. It was a lot of work for very little pay off. After about an 1 hour and a half of chewing she had barely made a dent in it. Unfortunately, I had to take it away since her teeth were starting to bleed from it. When I took it way she did follow me upstairs staring at it, as if to say "Hey ma, I wasn't done with that."

Overall, I am pretty happy with the chew. Nothing has ever lasted Lola an hour and a half, plus there is still plenty more left to chew. I am somewhat disappointed that it made her gums bleed and in the future I will be taking it away sooner. Also, I am not sure how often I will be buying these since 2 out of 3 dogs had no interested in chewing it, but I think if your dog likes it, it seems worth the price.


Hello! Welcome to Bite Me! This blog was created mainly for reviewing dog chews but I may occasionally branch out to other dog related products (toys, treats, collars,etc). I am always looking for new chews for my dogs and to recommend to my clients, so I figure this would be an easy way for them to access my thoughts on various products. I am also a trainer in a shelter and constantly looking for products to help keep my shelter pups entertained. I am not squimish at all and will try basically any chew that is safe, and I usually try to go with all natural products. To start, I would like to introduce you to the dogs who will be reviewing the products!

First is Lola Granola. Lola is a 7 year old spayed female Pit mix. Loves favorite past times include sleeping and cuddling. Lola is the heaviest chewer of the group. She doesn't like to run around too much, so she gets most of her energy out through chewing.

Next is Moose. Moose is an 8 year old neuter male. His breed? I have no idea. He is a mutt through and through. At 8 years old, Moose has barely lost a step. His favorite activities include frisbee, chasing squirrels, and barking. Moo, as he is affectionately called, is the least interested in chewing. He is the pickiest of the three and is vey dainty when chewing. It usually take him the longest to finish.

Last but not least is Phoenix. Phoenix is a 5 year old spayed female Pit mix. Her favorite past time are snuggling, fetch and giving kisses. Phee spends most of her time chewing/suckling her stuffed animals but very rarely destroys toys. Even though she spends the most time something in her mouth, she is a only moderate chewer.